Secure Your Retirement Income (Part 1)

Warning: This post has a heavy dose of math, and plenty of highly specific details relating to retirement income.

Disclaimer: The article below discusses certain investment strategies, some of which I am currently using in my personal portfolio and some of which I am not.  Do your own due diligence before making an investment decision.  It’s your money; you’re the best person to judge what is best to do with it.

The Endowment Model: Why It Needs to Change & How to Incorporate Parts into Your Portfolio

In Part 1, I discussed the core tenets of the Endowment Model and how successful it has been for a few institutions (though not all by any stretch).  In Part 2, I’m going to discuss why the Endowment Model will likely disappoint in the future, ways it can be changed and how to incorporate certain elements into your personal investing.